The principles of Rockenstein GmbH answer any questions about environment.

We, as an innovating company with principles, aspire after the best solutions. We focus not only on a qualified team and modern facilities but also on looking ahead and saving the environment.

Our ambition is to exceed all of our customers’ expectations. Direct contact and a convincing service are on the agenda for us just as transporting all of our costumer projects at the best possible rate. The Rockenstein-Team - our staff- is responsible for the grade of service. Their expert knowledge, motivation and customized acting determines the company´s success.   We claim responsibility for our future and environment.

Ecological thinking, health of our staff and the next generation is constantly recurring policy in our premises.

Our aim is to minimize potential risks for all parties concerned. The so-called “Rockenstein-Verbesserungs-Prozess” (RVP) encourages our staff to rethink and think outside the box. This is our source of innovation and productivity.