The classical wet painting can´t be assumed away in modern times. Primarily we work with high pressure injection process, electrostatic application as well as Airless and Airmix. The use of wet painting is much more flexible and not subject to the quality of the basic material. Always treating the material with the correct primer is most important. Wet painting´s effort is clearly greater than powder coating. A combination of both achieves enormous mechanical and chemical features. Don´t forget the decorative properties. Another serious difference is to have both skills: a very good technical training and high mechanical skills. We manufacture water-based lacquers and solvent-based paints. Verious resins are in use, acrylic dominates.

Advantages of wet painting:

  • Independent of the material
  • Multiplex use in decoration
  • The structures are influenceable


  • Z-I Jena GmbH
  • S&S Mühlhausen
  • Coexal GmbH